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3223 Resource File - 3103 & 3223 Integrated Resource File...

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Integrated Resource File This assignment is available to students who have contracted for an “A”. In order to earn an “A” you must receive “Exceeds Expectations”. This will be achieved by demonstrating the highest quality work in all expected elements. Although this is a combined assignment between Math/Science and Social Studies methods courses, you may choose to do only the 3103 or 3223 parts of it, if you wish to earn an “A” in only one of the courses. Throughout the semester, you will develop a notebook of teaching materials and experiences related to math, science and social studies. These items should reflect the major concepts of a conceptual unit on food. However, it is up to you how you interpret and develop your unit. You may not work together with other classmates. This is an individual assignment. Organization: All written work in the notebook must be typed, have page numbers, and a table of contents. Your notebook arrangement will be in following format: 1. Table of Contents 2. Introductory Page: An introductory page explaining your integrated concept must be included. It should be a unit derived from the big idea of “food”. Explain and name your unit of choice and how it fits with the bigger unit. (This must be done only once.) 3. Teaching Ideas (If both math/ science and social studies are being done, put both plans together under one section) a. Cooking b. Technology c. Read Aloud Lesson d. Discovery Center e. Open Learning Center f. Closing Event Teaching Ideas: If you contract for an “A” in both 3103 & 3223, you will develop two plans for each area below. You will complete one of each for math/science and one for social studies/social development. If you contract for an “A” in only one course, you will only develop plans for one content area. Each idea needs to be general enough that it can be adaptable to different age groups. However, it must be specific enough that
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3223 Resource File - 3103 & 3223 Integrated Resource File...

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