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L2 Notes_Part_23 - Evidence 1 What type 2 How much 3 When...

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PCAOB Investigations
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Management Assertions Audit Conclusions Audit Evidence Audit Procedures Audit Objectives Conceptual Model of the Audit Process W.R. Knechel
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Overall Objective State an independent, expert opinion on the fairness of the financial statements 1) Existence and Occurrence 2) Rights and Obligations 3) Completeness 4) Valuation Audit Program (List of Audit Procedures)
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Unformatted text preview: Evidence 1) What type 2) How much? 3) When? Types of Tests 1) Understanding IC 2) Tests of Control 3) Analytical Review Procedure 4) Detailed Tests of Balances 5) Substantive Test of Transactions Every B/S A/C is reflects 4 Management Assertions: Evidence Types: Inquiry Observation Documentation Phys. Exam. Confirmation ARP Reperformance...
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