L12 Notes_Part_2 - (MPU), ratio, difference estimation)...

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Is the account balance fairly presented? Variable Sampling: The Question
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Two Statistical Variable Sampling Approaches A.Probability proportional to size PPS (e.g., dollar unit sampling, monetary unit sampling, cumulative monetary amount sampling). This approach is based on attribute sampling theory. It was developed for auditors in the last 30 years and is the most frequently employed statistical sampling approach today. Hypergeometric distribution. B. Classical variables sampling (e.g., mean per unit
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Unformatted text preview: (MPU), ratio, difference estimation) based on normal distribution theory. Older method but still useful if the assumptions underlying MUS are violated. In the Days of Yore: Before PPS How do you pull a Stratified Sample? Before PPS sampling, the auditor gave greater scrutiny to larger items with Stratified Sampling. The other advantage of stratification is that each stratum has a more homogeneous variance enhancing the statistical power of the model (Show graphs)....
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L12 Notes_Part_2 - (MPU), ratio, difference estimation)...

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