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© W.R. Knechel 8. Check 2540 listed in the November outstanding checks was drawn in 19X5. Since the payee cannot be located, the president of Tuck Company agreed to the CPA's suggestion that the check be written back into the accounts by a journal entry. 9. Outstanding checks at December 31, 19X7, totaled $4,000 excluding checks 2540 and 1504. 10. The cutoff bank statement disclosed that the bank had recorded a deposit of $2,400 on January 2, 19X8.
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Unformatted text preview: The accountant had recorded this deposit on the books on December 31, 19X7, and then mailed the deposit to the bank. Prepare a four-column proof of cash of the cash receipts and cash disbursements recorded on the bank statement and the company's books for the month of December 19X7. The reconciliation should agree with the cash figure that will appear in the company's financial statements....
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