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electric potential 2 - Phys 212 Midterm 1 Information Wed...

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1 1 Phys 212: Midterm 1 Information Wed, February 20th 6.30 pm-7.45 pm Locations (by Phys212R sections): 1-6: 112 Kern 7-13: 119 Osmond 14-28: 100 Thomas Material covered -- HRW: 8 th edition, Ch. 21 through 25 20 questions, multiple choice Numerical data and relevant formulae provided Allowed to bring a double-sided 8.5”x11” paper with handwritten notes Standard scientific calculators ok; no palm computers, communication devices or organizers See exam section of the course website for more details Conflict exams IMPORTANT : If you have a conflict with the scheduled exam time, you must fill out the conflict exam request form on course website, in the exam section. The Deadline for conflict registration: 5 pm Wednesday, Feb 13th 2 Electric Potential – II Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) This lecture: HRW 24.8-24.12 For next time: HRW 25.1-25.3 Last lecture Today Electric potential of continuous charge distributions Potential energy stored in collections of charges Electric potential & conductors Electric potential Equipotential surfaces Electric potential of point charges 3 d q Continuous Charge Distributions R Simple example: For a circular rod of radius R, total charge Q, find V at the center. As always, •Divide the charge distribution into infinitesimal elements •Treat each element as a point charge •Integrate! 0 q V= 4 πε r 0 Q = 4 πε R In this problem, r=R, a constant 0 1 =q 4 πε R 4 z Potential of Continuous Charge Distributions: Example All the charge is at the same distance from P, so the potential is: ( ) 22 kQ-6Q 5kQ =- R+z Hence, the work needed is 5kqQ - P -6Q +Q R Interactive Lecture Question #8.1
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electric potential 2 - Phys 212 Midterm 1 Information Wed...

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