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Unformatted text preview: Faith and Worship Faith Introduction Introduction Islam embodies beliefs and concepts of great Islam creativity, practicability and guidance. creativity, These beliefs and concepts serve as These instrument of his mental culture, moral betterment, spiritual enlightenment, social justice and political tolerant. justice Ibadah (act of devotion) bridges the spiritual Ibadah gap between The creator and oneself. gap It develops relationship between man and God. Islam and Iman Islam Islam constitutes two basic concepts Iman and Islam Amal. Amal. Iman unsupported by Amal is ruthless, Iman unauthentic and unreliable. unauthentic Both must be integrated to attain the success Both in this world and hereafter. in No person can be a true Muslim without iman. The tree cannot grow without seed and one The cannot be a Muslim without iman. cannot Islam Islam A true Muslim is a person who accept all teaching of true Islam and complete obedience toward Allah Almighty. Islam A true believer is a person who maintain good true relationship with Allah and maintain a goodness in their lives by acts of righteous. lives Allah said in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 177 It is not righteous that you turn your faces towards It East and West, but it is righteousness to believe in Allah and the last day, and the angels and the book and the messengers and to spend of your sustenance out of love for Him, for your relation, for orphans, for the needy, for travelers …….such are the people of the truth and the God Fearing. truth Islam Islam Muslim will rely on the guidance from Allah in Muslim his life. his But only those with iman and amal can benefit But from the guidance. from Allah said surah Al-Baqarah verse 2: Allah This is the book in which is sure guidance without doubt, to those who believe in the unseen and are steadfast in prayer and spend out of what we have provided for them. we Islam Islam Al-Quran brings good news to those who Al-Quran believes and do good deeds. believes Anyone, man and woman who believes Anyone, and submits to the will of God is promised eternal happiness . promised Iman Iman The practice of Iman is called Islam, those The who practices what he believes in is true Muslim. Muslim. Islam deal with all those deeds ( `amal) which Islam is essential for the ultimate success. is All good deeds are included in ibadah All (devotion) to God. (devotion) The acts of Ibadah is considered vital for a The Muslis are Solah, Zakah, Sawm and Haj. Muslis Iman Iman Iman is the basic of all action in Islam. All Iman the human activities such as economy, politic, education etc. are based on Iman. politic, Muslim is required to believe in six pillars, Muslim starting with believe in Allah, Messengers of Allah, Angels, hereafter and predestination. Tawhid Tawhid Tawhid (oneness of God) It is the article of faith and the most important It and fundamental teaching of Islam. and Islam attaches great importance to this pillars Islam this is the foundation and bedrock of Islam. this The expression of belief in this article The distinguishes a believers from a non believer. distinguishes There is no room for polytheism, The true There believer denounces all kind of deities. believer Tawhid Tawhid The tawhid includes the following aspects: i. Concept of Allah -The kalimah express the supremeness of God -The and all mortals are dependant on Him. and - He is dependant on no one, He is unique and He One in His Person and Attribute. One -The oneness of Allah it confirms God as the sole -The and the supreme planner, designer, of the earth and to remove all dubious ideas about the existence of one or many creators. existence Tawhid Tawhid ii. Attribute of God - Allah said in surah al-Baqarah verse 255. Allah!! There is no deity but He, the living, the selfsubsisting, Eternal. No Slumber can seize Him subsisting, nor sleep, His All thing in heaven and on the earth. Who is there can intercede in His presence except He permits… except - God is free from weakness and frailties need no God support from friend, father and offspring. support - Muslim believes the Divine attribute are Muslim synonymous only with Allah. synonymous Tawhid Tawhid iii. Huquq Allah - Worship of Allah - It is a primary duty and obligation toward Allah. And He said : I have only created jinn and men that they may have serve Me, No sustenance do I require of them nor do I require that thye should feed Me. For Allah who gives sustenance to all Lord of power and steadfast and Obedience - It is integral part of Ibadah, those who It claim to be Muslim and do not obey Allah are not true Muslim. Allah - The believers are commanded to The submit fully to the law of Allah and enter to the fold of Islam. enter - The whole mankind submit his entire The life to the will of Allah: life Obedience Allah said in surah al-Ali `Imran verse 83. Do they seek for other than the way of Allah, Do while all creatures in the heavens and on the earth have willingly and unwillingly bowed to His Will? His - He also said in surah al-Nisa’ verse 125, “Who can be better in religion than one who Who submits his whole self to Allah does good and follow the of Abraham the true in faith” follow Love of God Love - Love of God follows naturally for obedient believers. Love - Those who obey the command of their lord Those gradually develop love and affection for Him. gradually - In fact, worship without love and reverence is In regarded as pointless. regarded - And there is no virtue in observing Islamic rituals And without the genuine inner live for the creator. without - With that love and affection behind religious With devotion is required and very importance. devotion Thanksgiving Thanksgiving - Man is under obligation to God for all His Man bounties, for which he should be thankful. bounties, - Allah said in surah Al-Nahl verse 78 It is He who brought you forth from the womb It of your mother when you knew nothing, and He give you hearing and sight and intelligence and live that you may give thank to Him. to - Seeking His help Seeking - Allah is the Supreme source of Knowledge Allah and Mercy. and - Man is obliged to seek only His help under Man any circumstances. It is only He Who is capable of aiding man. capable - Allah said in surah al-Fatihah verse 5. “To you we worship and to your help we seek”. ...
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