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Unformatted text preview: UTP As A Platform Of Islamic Leadership UTP As A Platform Of Islamic Leadership Group members: Kanyadibya Kirana Nasibah bt Hartono ‘Izzati Zahidah bt Othman Syarifah Nor Faizah bt Syed Abd Rahman What is Islamic Leadership? What is Islamic Leadership? • a person or a group that will lead humanity from the brink of destruction to the way of Allah the Almighty. Importance of Islamic Leadership: • To produce fair and justice management • Organize activities that are benefit for the community, not something which is ‘lagha’ • Have the authority to stop any action that is against Islamic Law Difference between Islamic and secular Difference between Islamic and secular leadership: • Secular leadership's target is self­ establishment. Islamic Leadership's target is Jannatul Firdaws (Highest position in Paradise) • Secular leaderships work for the respect of people. Islamic Leaderships work for the pleasure of Allah. BASIC NEEDS FOR ISLAMIC LEADERS: BASIC NEEDS FOR ISLAMIC LEADERS: • I'lm (Knowledge): al­Qur'an, al­Hadith, Islamic Literature • Iman (Faith) • taqwa (consciousness of Allah) • A'mal (Deeds): salah with khushoo (humility), night prayers, remembrance of Allah, du'a (supplication), infaaq (spending in the way of Allah), voluntary fasting, etc. QUALITIES OF AN ISLAMIC LEADER: • Courageous • Sincere (ikhlaas) • Humane • Organized • Determined • Hard­working • Punctual • Good conduct • Good in academic • 4.58: Surely Allah commands you to make over trusts to their owners and that when you judge between people you judge with justice; surely Allah admonishes you with what is excellent; surely Allah is Seeing, Hearing • 4.59: O you who believe! obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority from among you; then if you quarrel about anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you believe in Allah and the last day; this is better and very good in the end. How far UTP contribute in How far UTP contribute in producing Islamic leaders? • Organization­ Rakan Masjid • Co curriculum­ Basic Islamic • Course­ Islamic Studies (I&II) • Facilities­ Mosque Complex & Surau RAKAN MASJID RAKAN MASJID Vision: • To build ‘bi’ah solehah’ Mission: • To get full participation from students • To enhance ‘tarbiyah’ of RM members • To help enhancing academic achievement of Muslim students Leadership Structure of RM Leadership Structure of RM Majlis Tertinggi President | Vice President(Muslimin) | Vice President 1 (Muslimat) | Vice President 2 (Muslimat) | Secretary 1(Muslimin) | Secretary 2(Muslimat) | Treasurer Majlis Eksekutif Lajnah (Biro) Mas’ul (Head) Mas’ulah (Assistance) Secretary Treasurer Lajnah (Biro) Lajnah Tarbiyah -activities at Masjid an-Nur -Kem Penghayatan Islam -qiamullail -smartgroup Lajnah Akademik -reading materials at suarau v2 -publish Iqra’ -revision class -softcopy & hardcopy of past years tests, quiz, & exams. Lajnah Ekonomi Sell: -RM’s t-shirt -RM’s merchandise Lajnah Kegiatan Luar (Outdoor) -motivation at Bait al-Amin orphanage -RM’s Family Day Lajnah Kebajikan (Welfare) -kursus pengurusan jenazah -kursus kahwin -RM’s welfare -muallaf’s welfare Lajnah Penerbitan & Multimedia (Publishing) -publish Suara An-Nur(bulletin) -design RM’s t-shirt -design RM’s posters/banners -RM’s website ( -multimedia class Lajnah Perhubungan (Communication) -kursus pengurusan AJK -promote Heart 4 Islam n Minggu Penghayatan Ramadhan -recruit tanzim for surau v2 & v4 -iftar at Masjid an-Nur Islamic Studies co­curriculum Islamic Studies cocurriculum • Islamic Studies co­curriculum, or Amalan Asas Islam, is under the co­curricular program in general section. The co­curricular program is compulsory for all students and to inculcate diverse interests and develop students’ potential to complement their academic attainment. • In Amalan Asas Islam, students learn about the principles of Islam. They are given notes in order to learn the basis of Islam in Fardhu Ain level. • The learning outcomes of Amalan Asas Islam covers the basic things, such as: 1. Getting knowledge about Al­Quran and its messages from surah. 2. Knowing and using tajwid in order to fix Al­ Quran reading. 3. Knowing solat perfectly and doing what is obligatory and optional. 4. Learning how to take care of human corpse from facing the death, bathing the corpse, covering with kafan, doing the prayer, and making the grave, which are Islamic society’s responsibilities. Islamic Studies Course Islamic Studies Course • Islamic Studies Course in UTP is a university requirement for all students. • In this course, students achieve a higher level of knowledge. They move on toward giving opinion and analysis about Islamic system and issues. • The subject synopsis for Islamic Studies Course is Islam & Basic Concept, Islam as Religion and Civilization, Islamic Management, Islamic Political System, Islamic State, Islamic Educational System, and The concept of Society in Islam • In Islamic Studies Course, students learn how to: 1. explain Islam as a civilization and a complete and balance way of life which contributes to the development of life and nation. 2. discuss the continuous misconception on Islam particularly in its role to society in the past, current and future. 3. explain how human values based on Islamic institution and culture can play a role in leading to quality society life in the globalization, industrialization and rapid economic development process. 4. to describe the potential and ability of Islamic Civilization to overcome challenges to be faced by Malaysian society in the realization of Vision 2020. • In Islamic Studies course, student assessment also covers assignment and project where students can explore social lives and help others. They plan social activities at social places and give benefits to people. This course gives us more experience in society, whereas in Islamic Studies co­curriculum the students get the basic things about Islam. Mosque Complex New Mosque -daily solah -Friday solah -religious talk -open to public -iktiqaf and qiam Old Mosque -less official activities -discussion program Exhibition Room -provide source for research -not fully open because of maintenance problem Multipurpose Room -meeting room Administration Office -manage the whole complex “UTP AS A PLATFORM FOR ISLAMIC LEADERSHIP” 70 65 Per centage (%) 60 50 40 35 30 20 10 0 agree disagree COMMENTS COMMENTS • Many UTP students don’t have sufficient knowledge • • • • about Islam. So, how can they be Islamic leaders Islamic lifestyle are not being practiced widely in UTP Too much freedom, no limit time to go out, internet being misused UTP has sufficient facilities for organizing Islamic activities Need to organize more activities and improve the way to educate students about Islamic leadership CONCLUSION CONCLUSION • UTP can be a platform for Islamic leadership because the university prepares us the Islamic education, facilities, organization and activities but the Muslim students do not concern about the benefit that they get here. They are more concern about entertainments and lack of awareness about Islamic lifestyle. ...
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