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Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 142

Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 142 - Student#2 Draw in the...

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Unit 4, Activity 6, Vectors and Navigation Blackline Masters, Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus Page 140 Comprehensive Curriculum, Revised 2008 Directions: Your group is going to write a problem, find its solution, and then challenge the other groups in the class to solve your problem. Each of you have been given a sheet to record the problem. Use one of them for your group solution and use the other three to pass out for the challenge. Student #1 : Begin the story by picking the starting and ending cities and using a map or the latitude and longitude for each determine the direction in which the plane will have to fly. This will give you the heading. Choose an airplane from the list found below to determine the air speed of the plane. Choose a wind speed and its bearing. Fill in the information on the story page. Put your vectors on the solutions page labeling the vectors with the airspeed and wind speed.
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Unformatted text preview: Student #2: Draw in the vector representing the ground speed of the airplane on the solutions page, find the angle formed by u (the velocity of the plane) and w (the wind velocity), then find the ground speed. Show all of your work on the solutions page. Student # 3 : Find the true course of the airplane and put your work on the solutions page. Student #4 : Use what has been found and draw a vector diagram on the solutions page showing θ , the needed course correction. Determine the heading needed so that the plane will fly on the needed course to reach the correct destination. Show all of your work. Name Range (in miles) Cruising Speed (mph) Airbus A310 5200 557 Boeing 737-800 4880 577 Lockheed L1011 5405 615 Beechcraft C99 1048 286 Embraer 170 2100 343 Lockheed Electra 2200 390 Saab-Fairchild 340 920 300...
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