Asst05f09%28Revised%29 - AGEC 217 Assignment 5 Due: 9/25/09...

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AGEC 217 Assignment 5 Due: 9/25/09 Name __________________________ Seat No. _____________ 1. For each of the situations below, indicate which kind of unemployment it is. A couple discouraged workers are in the list also. a. She was one of the very best typewriter repair people in the business. She had worked for several different models of typewriters through the year and kept up-to-date on new models and features. Women are the direct users of most typewriters and she had an advantage over her male counterparts in that she could understand the complaints better and she knew how to solve most problems. She had seen many of her male co-workers move on and some even lose their jobs, but she thought her job was secure because she was good and she was special. That didn't stop the pink slip from showing up last Friday. They will give two months of severance pay. Whoopee-ding! What to do now? _____________________________ b. The telephone business is really changing. Ten years ago signal transmissions were an electrical current flowing over a copper wire. But now messages are transmitted as flashes of light passing through a fiber optic cable. Working copper and working glass fibers is very different. He thought that there would always be a place for a good copper wire man, so he had resisted the fiber optic training opportunities presented him. Now without warning, they have given him termination notice. _____________________________ c. He has been working for five years in the auto assembly plant and has been recognized for his consistent, quality workmanship. He made one of the three most popular models of cars sold in the US. When interest rates started up and buyers noticed them, it was the less popular model lines that closed down first. Unfortunately, now they have closed his line as well. No one will say when they will start up the line again, but it is easy to see that they build a huge backlog of cars, so it isn't going to be any time soon. _____________________________ d. He finished college and they got married two years before she graduated. He found a job in a small business, and she decided upon graduation to go ahead and get her MBA. With her good degree and academic credentials, she was one of the first in her class to be offered a management track position with a very prestigious company. After her graduation, they moved and he has hopped from job to job, but nothing seems to satisfy him. He has two offers now, but neither of them are just what he is looking for.
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Asst05f09%28Revised%29 - AGEC 217 Assignment 5 Due: 9/25/09...

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