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Assignment 2

Assignment 2 - Maddy Scully WRIT 140 Saba Razvi 5 October...

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Maddy Scully WRIT 140 Saba Razvi 5 October 2010 The Fight for the Forests A disagreement can travel a long way, even across the entire globe. Once one forms an opinion, s/he is on a constant rampage to promote and defend his/her stance. The environment is a resource that needs never-ending support and protection, but there are still some who believe otherwise. Because of society’s emphasis on consumerism, the economic factors clash with the ethical issues of deforestation, which prevents the conservation of forests. Endless amounts of work go into both the economic and ethical sides of the battle for the forests, but without compromise, either the economy will be greatly damaged by the elimination of an important trade module or the environment will continue to fall into even worse conditions than it is now, eliminating much of our biodiversity and decreasing the chances of cleaner air for the life of our community. Nothing can be accomplished within this issue until compromise is finally present in the equation. Ethical issues and economic issues are typically not discussed in the same fields of study. However, when it comes to deforestation, there is not a choice. Deforestation has grown to become one of the largest environmental issues in the world. This is an extremely negative issue that has a dyer need to be resolved for many reasons. The forests of our world remain the primary home to thousands of various species of wildlife. The biodiversity is greatly conserved by our tropical forests, and they therefore are under great importance to be maintained (Culas
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Scully 2 347). Without the forests of the world, the wildlife would permanently perish. Not only do forests provide shelter and homes for millions of animals, they also are extremely helpful when it comes to our efforts toward clean air, which is an ethical concern for the quality of life. The more trees occupying our land, the more carbon dioxide is absorbed, limiting the greenhouse effect. As humans, we currently have a moral duty to reduce our carbon footprint and maintain a solid care for the community and our fellow humans, and by destroying the forests, we are doing exactly the opposite. Ethically, there is a great need to resolve the issue of deforestation, in order to conserve the diversity of our wildlife and to preserve the quality of life. Although society should be focused on the importance of ethics in our world today, one must also be aware of the nation’s continuing debt crises. Some may think money should not be as important as our world makes it out to be, but it is simply impossible to accomplish large tasks without it. A large majority of a country’s income comes from foreign trade. It is also the easiest
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Assignment 2 - Maddy Scully WRIT 140 Saba Razvi 5 October...

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