Drama 116 Lecture 12

Drama 116 Lecture 12 - Moliere Born Jean-Baptists Poquelin...

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Moliere Born Jean-Baptists Poquelin in 1622 Father worked as a court furniture maker Studied in Jesuit schools, earned a aw degree Father wanted him to follow in his footsteps He became an actor Changed his name so not to embarrass his family Co-created Theatre Illustre with Amanda Bejart Bankrupted in 1645 Ended up in debtors prison Left Paris for 13 years in Provnices 1658- Louis XVI saw the company and gave it a patent became known as the King’s men Acted, produced and wrote plays Plays were controversial Tartuffe was banned Wife, Armande Bejart acted in plays with him Collapsed on stage during The Imaginary Invalid and died Buried at night
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Influenced by the plays of: Plautus Seneca Racine Commedia Dell’arte Illustre Theater 1 st theater troupe formed in 1664 change name to Moliere in 1665 French Academy French literature was transformed by the founding of this academy 10 years earlier Unities Tragedy for kings and upper class Comedy for lower class Neoclassicism Neoclassicism: an attempt to revive and emulate classical attitudes towards art based on Order Harmony Unity Restrained wit Decorum
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Drama 116 Lecture 12 - Moliere Born Jean-Baptists Poquelin...

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