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Drama 116 Lecture 15

Drama 116 Lecture 15 - Henrik Ibsen Father of modern drama...

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Profound changes in religion, philosophy, psychology, and economics Charles Darwin Louis Pasteur Alexander graham bell Modern theater began with three playwrights Henrik Ibsen August Strindberg Anton Chekhov Naturalism Literary philosophy that states the artist should provide “a slice of life” Naturalism states that everyone is a product of heredity and environment August Strindberg’s play Miss Julie is an example of naturalistic drama
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Unformatted text preview: Henrik Ibsen Father of modern drama Wrote plays about contemporary life, particularly those of the individual caught in a repressive society Message was “radical”, during his time, they are no longer revolutionary Realism Art should reproduce an image of life avoiding the dramatic conventions such as asides and soliloquies Ordinary people in ordinary situations Ex. A Dolls House...
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