Drama 116 Lecture 16

Drama 116 Lecture 16 - identity was husband and children...

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21:17 Characters Torvald Helmer Nora Dr. Rank Mrs. Linde Nils Krogstad The Helmer Children Anne Marie Act 1 Christmas eve Nora Takes out a crown and pays the delivery boy for delivering the tree Takes out bag of macaroons and eats a few and eavesdrops at her husbands door From the moment she enters the house she is always flitting about, twirls, moves quickly from place to place Frivolous Loving Compliant Helmer Serious Controlling Judgmental Mrs. Linde Overworked Lonely (widow) 1
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Independent (traveled on her own) Resourceful (comes to ask nora for a job) When her husband died her life all fell apart and she had to scrape up a living. Her mother and her sons don’t need her anymore. Nora’s response is “how free you must be” weird because
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Unformatted text preview: identity was husband and children Nora has had this secret for all these years and she has nobody to confide in so she tells Ms. Linde and Mrs. Linde is confused because women cant sign without her husband and Nora says a good woman can She has a lot more going in her head then we can let on She not only figured out how to help her husband but shes thinking about when shes not going to be so pretty and attractive and shes going to hold it over her husbands head Ms. Linde comes to ask for a job. Krogstad Manipulative Desperate 2...
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Drama 116 Lecture 16 - identity was husband and children...

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