NHSMUN 2011 Blog Guidelines

NHSMUN 2011 Blog Guidelines - N ATIONAL H IGH S CHOOL M...

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Unformatted text preview: N ATIONAL H IGH S CHOOL M ODEL U NITED N ATIONS The 37th Annual Conference x March 9-12, 2011 0015 Hinman, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755 949-291-5825 x E-mail: dg.nhsmun@imuna.org x www.nhsmun.org S O Y OU W ANNA W RITE A B LOG Yes. Yes you want to write a blog. Well good thing I finally got around to writing this guide to help you do just that! F IRST THINGS F IRST SETTING UP YOUR IMUNA ACCOUNT If you travel to http://www.imuna.org/nhsmun/conference, you ll find our conference s home on the internet! However, right now you re just a visitor. You re one of the countless thousands who visit NHSMUN s website every day and, as such, you have no powers. Let s give you some powers. First, click the Log in link. Its hiding at the bottom of the screen. Now, when you come to the next page, it s going to ask you to login. Well you can t do that now, so click on Create New Account. The following page is pretty straightforward. Use your actual information and e-mail, NOT your IMUNA e-mail . Once you ve entered all of your information, click Create New Account. And then you wait Waitwhat? you say? Yes, you have to wait for our tech guru to approve your account. I forgot that y all had to do this, so clearly blogs aren t going to start on 1 December exactly. Oh well. I will let y all know when your accounts are approved. G REAT . O KAY T ALAMO , LET S PRETEND LIKE I HAVE AN ACCOUNT NOW . H OW THE F *#$ DO I MAKE A BLOG POST ?...
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NHSMUN 2011 Blog Guidelines - N ATIONAL H IGH S CHOOL M...

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