PSY 101 Chpt 16 - Chapter 16 Social Psychology I Social...

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Chapter 16: Social Psychology I. Social Influences A. Conformity- change in attitude or behavior in response to a group norm - Normative social influences- Need for approval or acceptance -Go along with group expectations - Informational social influences- you don’t know what to do- look to others -Reference group- follow the actions of those you admire - Asch’s Line Judging experiment-6-8 people in on the experiment, odd man out sits second from end- subject says out loud which line is same as target, people in on the experiment respond wrong to see if subject changes his mind- 75% of subjects conformed at least 1 time- Conclusion: people will conform to the group even when they know group is wrong - Factors that affect conformity- group size and presence of person that says no B. Obedience- compliance to the others of authority - Milgram’s Study- person is asked to deliver shocks to a learner when the learner makes a mistake in the test- learner stops responding after 300 volts- 65% of kept giving the shocks to the learners until the end- others stopped when
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PSY 101 Chpt 16 - Chapter 16 Social Psychology I Social...

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