AXES OF DISTINCTION - Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo(1846-48...

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AXES OF DISTINCTION Renainssance Christian v. non-Christian (16-17 th c) (religious space/time) Enlightenment Civilized v. Savage (18 th c) (secular time, progress) 19 th century Multiple races Race v. Race (secular space; autochthony) 20 th Century Multiple cultures (secular space; autochthony) Axes overlap like tiles on a roof Mentality of times (in that time, everyone thought [blank] was true) Declaration of Independence 1776 Johnson V. Mcintosh Cherokee Nation V. Georgia (1831) Worcester V. Georgia (1832) 1 By virtue of aboriginal political and territorial status, Indian tribes possessed certain aspects of pre-existing sovereignty 2 Controlled by Fed. Gov’t, not states 3 Tribes limited sovereignty entails a corresponding dependency on the U.S. which has a “trust responsibility” toward Native American tribal units
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Unformatted text preview: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1846-48) Article X: After war, Mexican property rights remained the same after war Land Act of 1851 Deleted Article X; didn’t want Mexicans to own land Jim Crow Laws Mandated segregation in public facilities (separate but equal) Mexican Mass Expulsion (19830-4) 4 to 5 hundred thousand forcibly removed to Mexico. At least half were U.S. citizens Operation Wetback (1954) Deported and expulsed 5 to 8 hundred thousand Mexican Americans Chinese Exclusion Laws All Chinese prevented from entering U.S. and becoming citizens 4 Ways to read/interpret-Literal-Allegorical or Symbolic-Moral or Ethical-Anagogical (mystical interpretation regarding the afterlife)...
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  • Cherokee Nation V., secular space, Tribes limited sovereignty, Mexican Mass Expulsion, Mexican property rights

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AXES OF DISTINCTION - Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo(1846-48...

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