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Listening Project Guidelines TE 150 Fall 2009 The Project Goal : To understand how careful listening and questioning is essential for understanding how students think about mathematics. Understanding the range of student thinking is essential for good teaching of mathematics Part I: Conducting your Problem-Solving Session You will arrange to meet and work with your “student” for a period of at least 45 minutes. You must meet with your student in a quiet place (so that you can record what is said) and be well- prepared with your materials you plan to use, including the tasks. A. Preparation Before the session takes place, you need to decide, with your partner, how you will frame the opening question (which version of the Fraction Squares task question you will use), and which follow-up questions (for both “quicker” and “slower” students) you will use. You also need to have all the necessary materials for conducting the session: your recording equipment (tested in advance) and tasks, scratch paper, and any tools you want to bring (e.g., rulers). You and your partner need to arrive at the session location before the student does so that you can get settled and ready to work. B. The Session Itself Work with your student for at least 35-40 minutes. That means you should ask them for one hour’s time and that will allow for some lost time in the student’s getting settled and getting ready to go. Remember that you have different roles as listeners. One person will present the task and ask the student the questions necessary to figure out how the student is thinking; the other will listen and take notes. Halfway through the session, you will change roles. It is a good
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LP_Guidelines_F09 - Listening Project Guidelines TE 150...

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