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Matt Strait Mr. LaDue TE 150 12/6/09 Listening Project Listening has long been known as a key skill to have in order to be successful. After all, if a person is to solve a problem, or help someone else solve a problem, that person needs to be able to listen in order to assess the situation and determine the best way to attack it. A couple of days ago I had the pleasure of working with Caroline Powers, a freshman at MSU who is a member of the Michigan State Women’s golf team. She is a bright and sociable student who carried herself confidently and was more than willing to assist in the study. Caroline originally wished to be a math teacher, like our class aspires to be, but at the elementary level. However, she changed her mind due to difficulty encountered in calculus. Fearful that she might fail, she has reset her sights on elementary education with a specialty in history. She explained that she had always been a great math student and understood everything with little or no difficulty, but upon being confronted with calculus, the situation changed entirely. Caroline expressed difficulty due to the fact that her professor could not listen or explain to her what she did not understand, and teaching herself was something she could not achieve on her own. The fact that she was so concerned with failing suggests that she is quite extrinsically motivated when it comes to learning mathematics because the grade mattered to her above all else. However, she was the perfect candidate and subject to assist in this study. What is the best way to assist in a student’s overall learning? A somewhat obvious answer would be to listen to the student and focus on their needs as opposed to jumping right in
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and helping them solve the problem. Unfortunately, listening to the students is often overlooked in the mathematics department and there are far too many instances of teachers “jumping right
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Strait, Matt Listening Project - Matt Strait Mr. LaDue TE...

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