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Sarah Croog 24939025 Response Paper 1 “Do The Right Thing” Spike Lee’s gripping and moving “Do The Right Thing” is a multi-faceted film with that contains numerous meanings and confronts various issues, such as racial relations, gender relations, and poverty, though it centrally focuses on racial relations. The film, made by the eminent director Spike Lee, is certainly not a “high concept film” at first glance, though upon further examination it does contain many of the elements necessary to achieve a working, marketable “high concept film”, which is crucial in the making of the film, so as to perhaps attract a certain audience or culture, by making it marketable to such cultures. However, when one separates the film from it’s “industry” counterpart and examines the film as a vehicle through which a director may express concern, opinion, or meaning, Lee’s focus on rising racial tension, and the devastating repercussions caused by violence are what make the film a compelling, meaningful piece of art. “Do The Right Thing” expresses the heightened power struggle between white people and black people through the metaphor of the heat wave, and also through the character of the shots in key scenes that capture the precarious, devolving relationships between white people and black people. A “high concept film” is marketable in it’s having a “hook, look and book”. Though Lee’s film may not have a necessarily replicable look, the title “do the right
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comm240dotherightthing - Sarah Croog 24939025 Response...

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