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Sarah Croog TA: Barbra McCall Discussion Friday 11:15 AM Community Engagement Paper I completed my eight hours of required community service at Saint Mary Home in West Hartford, CT. Saint Mary Home is an institution that offers nursing services, rehabilitation programs, special services for Alzheimer’s and Dementia units, as well as residential apartments. They have numerous facilities for rehabilitative therapy, including a Rehabilitation Therapy Gym. Saint Mary also offers excellent palliative care, treating and managing the pain that comes with serious disease. Saint Mary offers hospice care, and services for family members and friends who grieve over their loved ones. The organization was originally founded in 1880 by the Sisters of Mercy, at which time the institution provided nursing services. Since the organization’s clients and residents are elderly, many of whom may suffer from health ailments, it is Saint Mary Home’s mission to “demonstrate reverence for each individual, respecting their dignity, treating them with compassion, giving them the best care [they] can provide.” Saint Mary Home serves the elderly, the majority of whom are white and come from a middle class or upper-middle class economic background. There are more females than men, most likely because females live longer than males. Besides the obvious that I am not yet an older woman, I share many of the same economic and social backgrounds that they have since many of the patients are from the area in which I live. Saint Mary Home welcomed my volunteer inquiries because they are always seeking young, bubbly, compassionate individuals who will brighten the day of the many somber, ill, and lonely patient that may reside at Saint Mary Home. Though the nurses and staff are kind to the patients, they do not have the
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time, nor do they get paid to simply enjoy the company of their patients, since they must administer medicine, respond to emergencies, etc. As a volunteer I would read to and talk
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communityengagement - Sarah Croog TA Barbra McCall...

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