Sociology 110 paper - obstacles I overcame in those two...

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Sarah Croog 24939025 B3 Abassi Each person interprets his “true self” differently. This “true self” becomes more prevalent in various situations, depending on the person’s own view of the self. For example, the real self may become pronounced when the person is carrying out a meaningful role, such as parenthood, or perhaps through commitment that is meaningful, such as prayer. The majority of today’s youth in America identifies their “true selves” as evident when they are amongst their close friends and family. The overlying notion that one can gather is that society has a clear concept of an “anti-social” self and of a public identity. It is valid to say that each person considers his “true self” true for different reasons. I recall an experience that I had in which I was preparing for a role in my high school’s production of The Heidi Chronicles. Before I went on stage, I took myself through a warm up; I played my favorite song, jumped up and down, and reflected on the
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Unformatted text preview: obstacles I overcame in those two months of rehearsals. I then recited one of my lines (in character), and in those few moments, I truly felt like myself. By this experience, I can deduce that my conception of my true self is based in the activities, habits, and interests that I love and care for, in this case, music and theater. For others, typically younger people, however, their “true self” is identifiable when they can express their quirks, such as sense of humor or other neuroses and idiosyncrasies. Still, others, perhaps those of an older generation may consider their jobs at work or as parents as their identifiable true self, because they have been identified as such for so long. Regardless, the variations in society’s conception of the true self shows that a person’s age, location, and basic personality traits are key in shaping the person’s conception of their “true self”....
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Sociology 110 paper - obstacles I overcame in those two...

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