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Sociology Essay A5 Sarah Croog 24839025 To examine systems and changes in systems, one may use the example of an ecosystem, specifically an aquatic ecosystem. A lake, which is a closed dynamic system, for example, possesses a specific hierarchy made up of animals and insects. It is crucial that the food chain within this system, in which insects are eaten by small fish, fish are eaten by bigger fish, and bigger fish are eaten by birds, is not disrupted. If one crucial part of the system is removed from the system, the entire system is affected and thus can no longer function. In this aquatic ecosystem, perhaps there is a factory nearby which leaks hazardous chemicals into the soil surrounding the lake. Certain insects, which may feed off of certain plants around the lake, may die because of the toxic chemicals within the plants
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Unformatted text preview: that they consume. The insect population is thus removed; small fish no longer have a food supply. The small fish will die out, and as a result, bigger fish will have no small fish on which to prey. When one crucial part of the system- regardless of it’s size or seeming insignificance- is tampered with, all latter parts of the system must suffer, because each part relies on the preceding part of the system to occur naturally. Similarly, if a new element were to be introduced into the system, such as a new species of fish, an equal amount of damage could occur. Perhaps the new fish consume the same insects as the preexisting fish consumed. The system would again be disrupted. Therefore any new steps or steps removed in the system will cause the system to collapse....
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