comm 231 midterm notes

comm 231 midterm notes - Chapter 7 Split edit transition...

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Chapter 7 Split edit- transition from one shot to another in which video and audio do not change simultaneously Straight cut- vid and sound switch together Split edit, video leading- video changes ahead of audio Two-way split edit- shows audio split both forward and backward Equalization- adjustment of volume levels of various sound frequencies to balance overall mixture of sounds Production track- “live” sound recorded with the video Chapter 16 To overcome audio problems: isolate each sound component and record separately, Production sound- sound recorded with video Wild- sound effects recorded separately from production track Foley studio Chapter 17 Hitting a mark- move through shot, hit certain spot Music Playback- either process of reproducing previously recorded vocal music or dialogue reproduced so actors can add to or replace parts synchronously OR previously recorded music/dialogue while singers synchronize their simulated on cam performance with high quality recording they (or others) made earlier, Microphone- device that translates original noise created by pattern of moving air into electricity signal that imitates that pattern Transducer- converts sound energy to elec energy Independent mike- held by cam, boom, stand, performer User worn mike- small, don’t have to be aimed, but are visible Cabled mike- shielded from interference, but difficult to conceal Wireless mike- send signal on radio frequencies to receivers PICKUP PATTERN- direction in which mike is most sensitive to sound Narrow pickup (shotgun mikes, highly directional, or fishpole) Broad, directional pickup- Cardioid mike- shaped like heart Omnidirectional- all directions- lavalieres (worn directly on body)
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This note was uploaded on 10/13/2011 for the course COMM 231 taught by Professor Brucegeisler during the Fall '10 term at UMass (Amherst).

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comm 231 midterm notes - Chapter 7 Split edit transition...

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