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GERMAN 304 WEIMAR CINEMA STUDY GUIDE AESTHETIC SOCIAL HISTORIC CABINET OF DR CALIGARI 1920 Robert Weine Dr Caligari and sleepwalking Cesare Alan and francis visiting fairground, alan asks cesare how long he has to live- cesare says by dawn tomorrow Cesare kidnaps jane Caligari- in insane asylum revealed, and francis’ flashback is his fantasy- they are all in the asylum and caligari is the doctor -German social attitudes- caligari- tyrannical “mad scientist” figure, germany trees in caligari look like barbed wire -human echoes nature -doppelganger- distorted face- reflection of inner emotion -expressionist theme- conflict of circles and squares and triangles and swirls -sets create anxiety and terror mad scientist figure pursues knowledge without human consequences -mad scientist’s shack is part of carnival, not community- annexed -fantastic world seen through eyes of a madman -oblique sets, curves, 3d backdrop paintings—metaphysical meaning- psychic reaction unexpected curves and ups and downs provoke emotion “latent physiognomy”- crumbling houses, dark twisting alleys, -animating objects—bewitched- ie trees have life of their own, concerned with soul of object -prison cell- verticals rise like arrow heads- oppressive effect -ending was changed because the director wanted to change it, thought the framing story would make the whole plot more applicable..without framing story, caligari would be the murderer…male authority figures cant protect/keep society civil, they are failing, the different ending appeals to broader audience and gives audience a sense of hope METROPOLIS Studio babelsburg, fritz lang, 1927, UFA Social turmoil between workers and capitalism Gap (visible in sets) between classes, specifically workers and gov’t Freder- protagonist Fredersen seeks mad scientist rotwang’s help- they go deep below and find maria who preaches the heart must be the mediator between hand WWIand head or workers and planners -rotwang transforms machine man into double of maria, and is programmed to destroy city, floods city, but maria and freder save the city, freder fights rotwang, and takes place as mediator---- reform, unity mini sets—schufftan process- mirrors place actors inside sets industrialization, technology and it’s power, shift from mass assembly line labor and treatment of workers
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contrast- freder’s garden of eden home and factories -very few locations, never see them producing NOSFERATU FW Murnau, 1922, germany Hutter goes to seal deal with orlok, vampire- orlok bites hutter in middle of night, and signs to live across from him and wife Knock- employer—long distance influence of orlok, ends up in psych ward -there’s a plague, people dying- vampire--- spread of disease, bad feelings? -ellen reads book of vampires, learns how to kill vampire, makes husband go away, summons orlok (sexual tension) and he drinks her blood, dies bc of light -to replicate fear of “the other” -lots of special effects- nosferatu- apparition on boat, low key and horrow lighting, cast shadows of orlok
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