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Close Reading Final Deana Croog English 200 Rachel Mordecai Fleur Versus Lily: The Greatest Game Ever Played Louise Erdrich’s “Fleur” examines sexism through a folk-tale lens. Throughout the story, Fleur, the mysterious and aloof protagonist, possesses superhuman and animal powers- she is resurrected numerous times and viciously avenges men who have slighted her. Gossip surrounds the supernatural Fleur; Chippewa and American men and women alike are mystified and intimidated by her. The selected passage is no different. It serves to introduce and foreshadow the later tension between Fleur and her male boss and co- workers. The passage also reveals insight into the characters Fleur and Lily; symbolism, diction, and the allotment of animal traits to the characters enforce Fleur as a superior, enigmatic character, and Lily as an inferior, simple character. Fleur’s and Lily’s characterization and actions in the selected passage echo the transformation of classic male-female interaction in Erdrich’s “Fleur”. Before the selected passage, there are several instances in which Fleur is pitted against various men, and ultimately (though in bizzare ways), Fleur prevails. Immediately prior to the passage, the narrator describes the tedium of the town of Argus, and of the male laborer’s conversations- this ceases when Fleur “finally gave them a subject” (Erdrich, 3178). The structure of the passage establishes a metaphorical face-off between
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FleurCloseReading - Close Reading Final Deana Croog English...

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