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Exam 3 Review Sheet- Berk- chap 7-10

Exam 3 Review Sheet- Berk- chap 7-10 - Initiative vs Guilt...

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Exam 3 Review Sheet (Chapters 7-10) The following are terms, concepts, etc. that you should familiarize yourself with before the exam. Know definitions, related statistics, associated theories and relevant examples of each concept. ***Any information covered in your text, and especially in lecture, may be on the exam.*** Chapter 7: Physical & Cognitive Development in Early Childhood How children change/grow physically in this period Fast mapping Zone of proximal development; scaffolding Egocentrism: centration, conservation, irreversibility Memory abilities Childhood injuries/accidents Pre-operational thought Metacognition Preschool programs Psychosocial dwarfism Overregularization Chapter 8: Emotional & Social Development in Early Childhood Self-concept Gender identity development Types of play/changes in play Parenting/child-rearing styles Punishment
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Unformatted text preview: Initiative vs. Guilt Biology and gender development Childhood aggression Prosocial behavior Gender schema theory Maltreatment/neglect/abuse Moral development Chapter 9: Physical & Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood Obesity Injuries Memory strategies Educational principles Concrete operations stage (decentration, etc.) Learning disabilities Homework Language development; Bilingualism IQ tests (types, skills tested, cultural biases) Motor development ADHD Creativity Chapter 10: Emotional & Social Development in Middle Childhood Industry vs. Inferiority Ideas about justice Bullies Family influences School phobia Importance of physical attractiveness Emotional development Impact of working mothers Changes in self-concept Learned helplessness Gender typing Effects of divorce Peer groups; peer acceptance Sexual abuse Children as eyewitnesses...
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