Exam 5 Review Sheet- Berk- chap 15-18

Exam 5 Review Sheet- Berk- chap 15-18 - Lifespan Growth...

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Lifespan Growth & Development Exam 5 Review Sheet (Chapters 15-18) The following are terms, concepts, etc. that you should familiarize yourself with before the exam. Know definitions, related statistics, associated theories and relevant examples of each concept. ***Any information covered in your text, and especially in lecture, may be on the exam.*** Chapter 15: Physical & Cognitive Development in Middle Adulthood Menopause & Hormone Replacement Therapy Crystallized vs. Fluid Intelligence Changes in sexual functioning/reproduction Osteoporosis Causes of death (gender differences) Declines in cognitive abilities Hardiness Coping (problem vs. emotion-focused) Declines: vision; hearing; skin; muscle Effects of stress & hostility on health Cardiovascular disease Vocational adjustments in midlife Chapter 16: Emotional & Social Development in Middle Adulthood Generativity vs. stagnation The social clock Big 5 personality traits Marriage & divorce; parenting Sandwich generation Levinson’s 4 tasks
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