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Microbiology Exam I - Microbiology Exam I Review Chapters 1 3 4 5 Terms Do not merely memorize the definitions of these terms Be sure that you

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Microbiology Exam I Review Chapters 1, 3, 4, 5 Terms : Do not merely memorize the definitions of these terms. Be sure that you completely understand these terms. The questions may not be definition questions but may ask you to apply your knowledge. Use this review as a guide. Once you have read the chapter and studied your notes. You can use this review to be sure that you have covered all major topics. amphitrichous enriched media non-septate sarcina chemotaxis eucaryote palisade septate colony fastidious pathogen sporangiospores conjugation helminth peptidoglycan staph contamination hyphae peritrichous sterile cyst lophotrichous procaryote strep decomposers microorganism pseudohyphae synthetic media dimorphic mixed culture pure culture tetrad diplococci monotrichous resolving power trophozoite endospore mycosis saprobes plasmid Periplasmic flagella Spirochete Selective Differential Concepts to know and understand : Multiple choice, true false, and essay questions will come from here. Know/explain the steps of the scientific method and what occurs in each
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