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GETTING STARTED in MSIS 2103 Welcome! Here are the things you need to first in order to get started properly in MSIS 2103. First, print out this “getting started” paper. Next, in our online classroom: 1. Click on “Content” and d ownload and print the syllabus. Post the schedule (found at the end) where you can easily see and refer to it. Make sure you have purchased your books as specified in the syllabus. 2. Click on “Content” and th en on the blue “Video Lectures” (down under “Video Lectures” beneath the “Start Right Here” materials); when the “Security Warning” box pops up, click on “No.” Th en click on Course Introduction and then “Choose One” and “ Class Introduction” and watch it . This will give you all of the information about this class that you need to be a success. It is essential that you watch this. 3. Click on “Content” and download “Getting Started With myitlab.” Follow the instructions to get
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Unformatted text preview: registered in myitlab and enrolled in our course. Your CourseID is shown there. 4. If you plan to work on your own laptop or home computer, go to http://www.myitlab.com and click “Click Here” under “Attention Students” at the right of the window. If you have a Windows-based computer, start reading and you are in the right place. If you have a Mac, click on “Mac Users; ” it is the bottom entry in the list at the left. NOTE: The 24/7 Support Web Site for myitlab is there for you to click on and find answers to questions or solve problems. If you run into any trouble, contact them and you will be helped. You can “chat” with a technical support person if you like. If you prefer to telephone them, here is the technical support phone number: 1-800-677-6337 Please email me if you need help in getting yourself registered with myitlab and enrolled in our course. I look forward to working with you!...
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