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Class notes - of earth Blessings certain commands...

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First day of class- April 27, 2011 2 midterms at testing center and the final is at the classroom. Genesis 1-9 Parabola All approved, all powerful, Limited in certain ways, always know the result, limited vision in some places, free will, Herbrew do believe God does always knows. God is a covernet maker, The reasons for the creation of humankind: attributes, spiritual, balance, human use- the creation
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Unformatted text preview: of earth, Blessings, certain commands, conditional, consequences, Source of evil: suprent= evil? Half truth, Garden: happiness was destiny of these creatures. disobedience, bad choices Job and Jonah: Job: was the guy keeps the commands, why do good people suffer? Endure well, the blessings come, God may not tell why , if you trust Him, you will willing to say I will learn, for now , Jonah:...
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