fall11handout2 - 10/2/2011 Deviance,Crime,andSocialControl

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10/2/2011 1 Deviance, Crime, and Social Control Deviance: behavior that violates social norms C rime: violation of laws interpersonal crime (violent, property, and drug related) organized crime white collar crime corporate crime Social control: use of sanctions to induce conformity Social Control and Sanctions Informal Formal Positive Praise Graduation Ceremonies Negative Reprimand CJ System Important Points to Consider in the Study of Deviance No act is inherently deviant Deviance is relative We’re all deviant at some point! Deviance and crime are not always the same Deviance can serve several positive social functions Deviance is increasingly being medicalized Deviance can be committed by organizations Organizational Failures: Some Notable Examples General Motors and the Corvair Ford Motor Company and the Pinto Ford Motor Company, Firestone, and the Explorer Exxon Valdez oil spill and the BP Deepwater Horizon spill Hurricane Katrina and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Union Carbide and the Bhopal tragedy “Dumping in Dixie” (Robert Bullard) U.S. Tobacco industry and the concealment of health risks U.S. Military and Gulf War Illness WTC attacks of 9/11/01 The Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal Sociological Theories of Crime and Deviance Functionalism Crime results from institutional breakdown Conflict Theory Powerful elites use the law as a tool to protect their interests Sb l iIt t i i Symbolic Interactionism Definitions of crime and deviance change over time; criminal labels create a self fulfilling prophecy More than 2 million people incarcerated Nearly half are African American Nearly 2./3 of OK inmates are nonviolent
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fall11handout2 - 10/2/2011 Deviance,Crime,andSocialControl

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