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review32011 - Segmental progeroid syndromes what are these...

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Chapter 3 Know the purpose and end result of meiosis. For meiosis – big picture – what happens in meiosis I and what happens in meiosis II crossing over – when does this occur? – What purpose does it serve? synapses – when does this occur? – What purpose does it serve? What are the basic differences between spermatogenesis and oogenesis? Think about number of progeny cells and timing. Twins – monozygotic and dizygotic – know difference in how they occur and the genetic closeness (identity) of the twins in each type.
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Unformatted text preview: Segmental progeroid syndromes - what are these? What are the two ways that genes control aging? Do all genetic related diseases/disorders cause problems from birth on – or do some kick in later in life? Birth defects : Review teratogens and the section (3.5) on infections that cause birth defects – see pages 60-62. TERMS – some of these were on the first study guide as well. homozygote preimplantation embryo teratogen heterozygote embryo somatic cell allele fetus germ cell homologous chromosomes critical period...
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