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Worksheet 8 2011 - followed by a girl with identical twin...

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(Worksheet 8– 6 points) a) Construct a pedigree based on the following information - include all individuals mentioned 1) The proband expresses the trait in her phenotype. The proband is the subject that generated the interest in drawing the pedigree. You need to draw an arrow pointing toward them. 2) Neither her husband nor her only sibling (an older brother) express the trait. 3) The proband (see description in 1) has 4 children with her husband: the oldest is a boy,
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Unformatted text preview: followed by a girl, with identical twin girls being the youngest. Only the second oldest child does not express the trait. 4) The parents of the proband do not express the trait. b) What is the mode of inheritance – in other words is the disease trait dominant or recessive? c) Can you determine the genotype of the proband's husband for this trait? If so, what is his genotype...
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