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English 411 & 412 D. Lindsay The language of literature Background: In writing about a story or poem, we do not use the same reporting verbs and phrases that we typically do in referring to expository (information) texts. (The kinds of readings you typically used as sources for English 310 or 1A.) This is because a writer of fiction is not setting forth information or arguing a point. We do, however, need language to introduce an author and story or poem. The way you introduce the story or poem will vary depending on the focus of your essay. INTRODUCING A PIECE OF FICTION: In the following examples, look carefully at the patterns. In his short story “D.P.,” Kurt Vonnegut Jr. writes about + noun phrase tells the story of a + noun phrase 6-year-old orphan who…. ( notice that it is common here to use the referential pronoun before the noun it modifies.) Kurt Vonnegut’s short story, “D.P,” is set in Germany in the aftermath of WWII.
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