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RPT_390.02_midterm_study_guide - RPT/HTM 390.02 Midterm...

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RPT/HTM 390.02 Midterm - Study Guide Midterm is scheduled for March 24 and is worth 50 points History o Key inventions that enabled travel Sailing boats Wheel Money o Greeks and Romans – contribution to travel o Renaissance Grand Tour o 19 th century First railroad built …. First package/organized trips offered …. o 20 th century Automobile and plane invention—implications for travel? Increased travel behavior after WWII—reasons? Tourism terminology: o Tourism as an activity International Internal Domestic o Tourism as an industry (import or export?) o Key components of the supply side (give examples) Be able to explain and provide examples of: o Actual/effective travel demand
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o Suppressed/latent travel demand o Structural constraints o Antecedent constraints o Intrinsic motivations o Extrinsic motivations o Tourism motivations (push vs. pull factors) o Plog’s typology of tourists Tourism impacts: o Leakage o GDP multiplier effect o
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