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Leisure Travel and Tourism RPT/HTM 390.02 Leisure Travel and Tourism Semester: SPRING 2010 Professor: Pavlina Latkova Course #: RPT/HTM 390 – section #2 Office: HSS #309 Course Title: Leisure Travel and Tourism Phone: 338-7577 Fax: 338-0543 Schedule #: 15200/14154 E-mail: [email protected] Location: BH #236 Department: Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Day(s): Wednesday (Wed) Office: HSS 307 Time: 16:10-18:55 Phone: 338-2030 Fax: 338-0543 Office Hours: Mon 1:30-3:30pm; Wed 2:30-3:30 or by appointment E-mail: [email protected] Web: http://www.sfsu.edu/~recdept I. Bulletin Description Pre-requisites: Upper division standing Description: Investigation into the scope and nature of international and domestic travel and tourism industry, trends, tourist motivation and perceptions, consumer behavior, travel facilitation, planning principles, development, promotion and costing travel services, programs, transportation, destination management organizations, conferences/events and attractions. Also offered as HTM 390. II. Course Objectives Upon completion of this course students are expected to demonstrate knowledge and skills in: The components of the tourism system Travel and tourism industry terminology and concepts The interaction and regulation of travel industry components Tourism, travel, event consumer behavior; segmentation; promotion; and use of ethnic media Basic principles and procedures related to travel facilitators, including convention and visitors bureau, event planners, tour operators, travel agencies and electronic travel distribution systems Basic planning, strategy development, costing, marketing and operation of group and incentive travel Training, education and financing tourism III. Course Structure The course will consist of class lectures, invited speakers, presentations, class group discussions and exercises, class participation, and videos. IV. Text/Readings Biederman, P. (2008). Travel and Tourism: An Industry Primer . Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall. V. Course Requirements Exams : There will be two exams, a midterm and a final, each worth 50 points. Both exams will include multiple-choice, true/false, matching, and short answer questions. The final exam will be cumulative.
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Quizzes: Two quizzes will be given throughout the semester. Each quiz will be worth 15 points. Quizzes cannot be made-up. Assignments: Article/show reviews (25 points): To stay current with the travel and tourism issues, trends, changes, and opportunities, you will be required to select and read two articles from a newspaper, magazine or the Internet. One of the articles can be substituted with a ½ hour travel show. Write a brief summary discussing the key points and importance of the article(s)/show as well as justification of your choice. Article(s)/show reviews should be 3-4 pages of text, 12 point font, double spaced, APA format.
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RPT_390.02_SYL_Spring_10 - Leisure Travel and Tourism...

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