CJ 292 assignment 3

CJ 292 assignment 3 - MSU CJ292 F10 MARSCHNER 1 Travis...

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MSU CJ292 F10 MARSCHNER 1 Travis Marschner A39406290 Question 1 (worth 4 points): Compare and contrast the UCR and the NCVS with respect to the type of crime data they collect and how the data are collected. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each. In your opinion, which data source provides the most reliable and valid data on crime? Support your opinion in two or more paragraphs. The Uniform Crime Report collects crime data from crimes that are reported to police agencies and are submitted. Data is collected from all of the law enforcement agencies across the country. These local law enforcement agencies send their data to state agencies and then the state agencies forward the findings to the federal sector. The strength of the UCR is that it is very easy to see the crime trends from the statistics that are actually reported. However, for every incident that is not reported a flaw of this report occurs. Another weakness is that using the UCR the news media or anyone searching for evidence of crime rates may base their opinions on this data. The data does not go into any detail about specific events that link it to a city. The UCR is the most valid and reliable data source on crime because it is brought together by various law enforcement officers. The National Crime Victimization Survey is conducted twice a year. This U.S. Census Bureau administers the surveys to a sample population of about 49,000 households which is approximately 100,000 individuals. This survey is used to determine what portion of crime is actually unreported to the police. A strength is that it is personalized to each victim. It relies on personal accounts that have explicit details. Both the UCR and NCVS are useful in determining increases and decreases in crime rates throughout the year. As stated earlier, I believe that the Uniform Crime Report provides a more valid and reliable representation of crime. Question 2 (worth 4 points):
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CJ 292 assignment 3 - MSU CJ292 F10 MARSCHNER 1 Travis...

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