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CJ 292 assignment 4 - MSU CJ292 F10 Marschner 1 Travis...

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MSU CJ292 F10 Marschner 1 Travis Marschner A39406290 Assignment 4: Research Design and Sampling Question 1 (worth 4 points): The president of MSU is concerned about the findings of a recent report that suggests that Big-10 universities are experiencing a spike in illicit drug use among their student populations. In two or more paragraphs, propose a sampling design that would be appropriate if you were to survey students on their own illicit drug use at MSU. Define the population, identify the sampling frame(s), and specify the elements and any other units at different sampling stages. Indicate the exact procedure for selecting people to be included in the sample. The population is the Big-10 universities. The sampling frame would be all the students of MSU. The sample would consist of as many people as economically feasible. The sampling strategy I would use is the Stratified Random Sampling Survey. First, I would need separate organize the sampling frame into college class. The college classes would be separated by freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors + (the plus sign is if someone is over 4 years). Then, I would draw appropriate numbers of students from each class. I would hold an anonymous survey for any students that would volunteer. The students would have to say what grade level they are in at the end of the social. The survey would contain questions in regards to illicit drug usage. After a week of surveying, the compiled data would then be sorted. The results would then go to the president of MSU after enough data has been collected. Question 2 (worth 4 points): After a string of unsolved homicides over the past few months, the chief of police has asked you to review and determine the case characteristics that may be associated with a homicide being cleared (i.e., solved).
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CJ 292 assignment 4 - MSU CJ292 F10 Marschner 1 Travis...

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