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CJ 335 hw 9_16 - Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 Questions and...

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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 9/16/10 Questions and Comments Question #1: If there are so many outside influences on how police ought to act and throw out their knowledge of training at police academy, why is something not being done to keep a more intellectual officer on the force? Question #2: Why do police accept the fact that there is a code of conduct that rookie cops must adhere to and prove their loyalty in order to join the rankings as a police officer? Comment #1: Police officers are looked at as militaristic in their approach to police work and procedures. Most of the men that go into the criminal justice field/ law enforcement have some military experience. This military experience helps police officers take orders from their supervisors and try to uphold the code of conduct. Based on the code of conduct, supervisors will be able to ascertain who the good and bad officers of the department are. However, distinguishing between the good and the bad cop is intra-departmental. The supervisors rarely see what happens outside of the department on the streets when police are working their beats.
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