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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 10/19/10 Questions and Comments Question #1: The Dirty Harry problem may arise in everyday duties, but why does there need to be a dirty means to a good end? Question #2: Police officers in large agencies have a large code of silence along with what are acceptable lies and what are not. Where is the line drawn when telling small lies to lies detrimental to the community keep occurring? Comment #1: In the police academy they are taught to be law-abiding citizens and truthful to all supervisors and the public. This ethical basis is drilled into their heads. As stated in the article, “If one cannot trust your local police, who can you, trust?” This is a powerful statement because society wants to look at law enforcement agencies with the highest level of respect and know the fact that they have the very high ethical standards. Police academy trains officers to do the right thing in every situation and not go to the “dark” side of policing. Leading to the dark side might
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