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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 10/21/2010 Questions and Comments Question #1: In regards to police sexual violence, why don’t police stations inform the public and police officers that illegal conduct is ruining the city? Question #2: Sexual misconduct by police officers ruins the reputation of police in the city, why haven’t supervisors and administrators stepped in to decrease this problem? Comment #1: Police sexual violence against women be male police officers is a problem that is swept under the rug. People do not realize how big of a problem it is. Police are looked at as the high power of authority and citizens especially females. The female citizens have the attitude of whatever he says, “goes”. Male law enforcement officers relish this fact. While on patrol an officer may be put into a situation where he can use his authority against an innocent female. This female may try to seduce the male officer and bribe him with an unobtrusive, obtrusive or criminal deed in exchange for being let off “scott free”. Instances like this happen all the time
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