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CJ 335 hw 11_9 - officer the bad things associated with the...

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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 11/9/10 Questions and Comments Question 1: How would one discipline an officer after he/she was caught doing something out of the code of conduct? Question 2: As said earlier in the semester why are guidelines and selection processes more rigid and harder to follow? Comment 1: It is not a shock that 10 percent of the police for account for 90 percent of the citizen complaints. The complaints only happen because these few officers may not be supervised and think that they can do whatever they want. This belief is faulty. Police officers need to have more supervision to cope with this ‘problem officer.’ The problem officer is like the rotten apple theory it will spoil the whole barrel. If there were more supervisors in the larger departments there will be less likelihood that senior officers will cause citizen complaints. The rookie officers need to be trained by the trustworthy, law-abiding senior officer. This officer will show the rookie law enforcement
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Unformatted text preview: officer the bad things associated with the code of silence and the code of conduct. Comment 2: Citizen Review boards are a great way to help control police officers. Once the troublesome police officers are identified, then supervisors may be able to control their behavior by keeping a watchful eye. The supervisor may have a meeting with him/her and talk to them about the police misconduct that is enticing the citizen complaints. The citizens could meet to discuss possible punishments for each crime committed. Also, citizens may be very helpful when adding insight to the police department for revising guidelines and protocol. The protocol could change for the better. As soon as these boards are in place and used people may realize that they are more trustworthy of police officers. The police officers will benefit and also society as a whole will benefit when corrupt police officers are off the street....
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