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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 11/11/10 Questions and Comments Question 1: The article says that there are two recommendations to advance the protection of individual rights and be consonant with federalism interests. The first being the federal government should mandate, or encourage through conditional grants, a uniform system of complaints and a system for national reporting of complaints. How accurate would the system be because most people do not want to report? Question 2: The second one was that the federal government should assist and encourage police departments to design and adopt local outside oversight of police department handling of excessive force complaints. Civilians do not know the police protocols, so how could the civilian monitor model be accurate in overseeing? Comment 1: The title of the article is, “Are law suits an answer to police brutality?” Police officers have various complete defenses against the use of excessive force. Police have too much immunity when it comes to using discretion.
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