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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 11/23/10 Questions and Comments Question #1: If police are not happy with the way things are ran or conducted in a police department, but resist change is there really any way to re-shape the police department? Question #2: When police agencies and society wants to make a shift to a new perspective, different policing strategies must be looked at. How come law enforcement agencies do not use a culmination of every aspect to create a unique policing strategy that is the “catch-all”? Comment #1: In the Goldstein article there were nine specific alternatives to change what is currently being done. Searching for an alternative may be on an individual department basis. Different police departments have different problems in their respective cities. A problem-oriented approach is not the smartest way to figure out that things need to a new paradigm from the “means over ends” syndrome. Until the late 1960s, efforts to improve policing in the United States concentrated almost exclusively on
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