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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 11/30/10 Questions and Comments Questions: Question #1: The Broken Window Theory in this article states that citizens can do a great deal, but it is the police that are the main key to order-maintenance. Why does the community have to rely on the law enforcement officers in order to keep the community from breaking down? Question #2: If community-oriented policing occurred fifteen years before the computer-driven statistics system how come the COMPSTAT is moving rapidly while the community-oriented policing is moving slowly? Comment #1: The authors Wilson and Kelling wrote the article, “Broken Windows,” and it describes what broken window is and how it occurs in various neighborhoods. There is a certain sense of safety that comes along with the type of patrol that police officers are doing. When a police officer is patrol in a vehicle the community contact is very minimal. The vehicle just drives up and down the streets of the city. To have a little more personal contact a police officer might be either on a bicycle or a
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