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CJ 335 Questions and Comments 1

CJ 335 Questions and Comments 1 - Travis Marschner CJ...

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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 10/07/2010 Questions and Comments Question #1: There are countless ethical violations that police officers have dealt with since the police inception in England. Although there is a few remedies for unethical behavior is there really a way to put an end to this ruthless behavior? Question #2: Police supervision is very lax in the South City Police Department. In light of this fact, if supervisors were more stringent on their policies would police officers patterns of police occupational deviance decrease? Comment #1: The rotten apples approach to unethical behavior in the police is a great analogy directly tied to police departments. There are a few police officers that do slip through the screening processes. Police may not be corrupt in their actions from the start. However, I believe that police officers through the subculture learn to assimilate with this behavior because of the rotten apples. The senior officer that is a rotten apple can ruin all the new apples (fresh officers) and teaches them unethical behavior.
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