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CJ 335 Questions and Comments 2

CJ 335 Questions and Comments 2 - Travis Marschner CJ...

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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 10/14/10 Questions and Comments Question #1: The amount of discretion that the police have has been immense which leads to an increase in police use of excessive force. Based on this fact, should society try to push for more limits on police use of discretion to cut down on excessive force? Question #2: If most male officers are the ones that abuse their use of force then why do more police agencies look at the way female officers use their de-escalation skills? Comment #1: The Klockars’ article, has defining and controlling power for the use of excessive force. There is the criminal law, civil liability, and fear of scandal. I think that there should be more controlling measures to stop the abuse of police force. Police have such a wide array of discretion for all situations. If there are two partners one female and one male the female uses her de-escalation techniques to calm the situation. The three factors for controlling excessive force do not go into much detail. Although there is the criminal law, civil liability and fear of
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