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CJ 335 Questions and Comments 3

CJ 335 Questions and Comments 3 - than just approximately...

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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 10/26/10 Questions and Comments: Question #1: Why is there the connotation driving while black? Question #2: Racial profiling may exist because people feed the stereotype when they break the law and expect to not be pulled over for it, why feed the stereotype? Comment #1: Racial profiling is common practice between police of a certain race and people that are pulled over of a different race. A prime example of a cop contributing to racial profiling; is when a black police officer sees a white male in a predominantly black neighborhood and decides to stop him. The law enforcement officer begins to question the white male in regard to his location and reasoning for being here. When asking someone about the police and their attitude toward the police a huge factor is any dealings that have happened. I believe that more research like the article says needs to be conducted. The research should have a survey from all races not just whites and African Americans. To get a more accurate view of the police there needs to be more
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Unformatted text preview: than just approximately 1800 people questioned. There needs to be surveys conducted to start out in every large city in the United States then move to smaller cities. Comment #2: Driving while black is a huge conspiracy theory when it comes to police making traffic stops. Traffic stops are usually initiated by the police. Law enforcement will usually only make a stop if a traffic violation has occurred. However, based on the studies I have read in this class police officers will make traffic stops to check out girls or if they are bored try to get a faulty stop. Most people do not deny the authority the police have and trust that people are getting pulled over for a valid reason. Many people believe that African Americans who drive and get pulled over have been given the connotation of “driving while black.” This is a harsh connotation because what was said previously is that police officers pull people over when they violate a traffic law....
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