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Travis Marschner A39406290 CJ 335-001 Questions and Comments Question #1: Why don’t the citizens that are not linked to law enforcement agents realize that assertiveness and forcefulness is sometimes imperative to effective law enforcement? Question #2: How come Police officers are being harassed for doing their job right? Comment #1: I believe that most people only see the bad in police work when there is so much good. Citizens do not realize how many times police use their discretion and give people breaks. The only time that police really use force is to apprehend criminals or serious crimes that involve perpetrators. Society looks down upon certain law enforcement agents because they feel like they have been wronged.
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Unformatted text preview: Some agencies do tolerate more force than others. For example, Detroit Police Department has so many serious crimes to deal with that they do not have time to not be assertive. Comment #2: Larger departments tend to get away with more things because it is harder to supervise all the activities of hundreds of officers in a single department. The smaller departments have only a few officers which in contrast are certainly easier to supervise. Citizens may hold a grudge from past events so they scrutinize all the police activities and wait for an agent to mess up. People always are looking to ruin an officers life from holding a grudge....
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