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homework cj335 - Police are more lenient than the law would...

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Travis Marschner CJ 335-001 9/30/10 Questions and Comments 1.) In the Donald J. Black article, when deciding the field method of the study how come there was a bias with what days the researchers were going to take observations and what geographical area they were going to look at? There should have been a better representation of the whole nation. 2.) Looking at Table 7 in the Black article, there is no difference of arrest rates between civil whites and blacks. Why do people think that police target blacks when arrest rates are similar when people act civil towards the police? Police are not proactive in the organization of arrest. My belief of this reactive approach to policing is solidified in the article. The article states most arrest situations arise through citizen rather than police initiative. Arrest practices sharply reflect the preferences of citizen complainants. Police discretion is very lenient because they do not like to arrest citizens as much as people think they do.
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Unformatted text preview: Police are more lenient than the law would allow. However, if there is strong evidence to warrant an arrest one will be made. The organization of arrest showed that various officers rely on citizens’ wants and desires to solve the issue at hand. There are three different models to the way police officers handle certain situations especially a DUI traffic stop. The rational model is usually how a rookie will handle a driving under the influence traffic stop. The rational model is to follow the rules and guidelines to the end. The constrained-rational model is the widely used model because it uses society as the rule provider. DUI traffic stops are easier to monitor and verify which leads to a better standard of arrest guidelines. It would make sense that the larger the organization the more discretion a police officer has for his arrest techniques. The smaller a department the easier it is to control officer behavior....
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